Interim Marketing

Qualification & Coaching

Interim Sales Management

Bring BizzComm onboard for your Interim General or Sales Management needs.

Focussed on building, restructuring and coaching sales and pre-sales teams teams in a Benelux or EMEA setting.

Key words are business development, deal- and pipeline coaching, forecast management, streamlining the sales organisation and process. With our extensive and broad IT sector experience, we are quickly up to speed. We will lead and be part of the team for 3 to 6 months or even longer if so required. 

We can also be an advisor, assessing progress on weekly or monthly basis and be a coach to the current team leader.

Assignments can be strategic or hands-on, for example:

  • General Management; assessing, restructuring and improving the entire organisation including sales & marketing, finance, HR and logistics., P&L responsibility.
  • Taking the lead for a company or region, developing and implementing a strategy for growth,  varying from business planning, to hands-on structuring of large deals or projects. This can be a quota carrying assignment.
  • Business Development for start/scale-ups; start in a region and build from the ground-up.
  • Recruit and expand the international sales and pre-sales organisation. Create the structure for account management, the process from POC to successful business case, and the best practices for reporting and forecasting using CRM management tools.