Interim Sales Management

Qualification  & Coaching

Interim Marketing 

The goal of marketing is to make the sales process easier, through qualified lead generation, content creation, name recognition, meetings & events and publications.

For IT Vendors a good partner sales channel, being enabled through Partner Marketing is essential to scale their business.

Examples of B2B marketing expertise that is part of the BizzComm portfolio are:

  • Total Marketing Management, including planning, budgeting, targeting and execution.
  • Design, coordinate and execute lead generation programs to grow the sales funnel with qualified leads and relevant meetings. This can be anything from personal discovery-calling, to using a specialized agency, or creating a customized program using surveys, white papers and qualification of potential customers.
  • From MQL to SQL: Lead qualification, make the first contact with a prospect to determine the businesscase, budget, timeline and decision makers.
  • Define and ensure a cost-effective presence and follow-up at the must-go-to events. Think of trade-shows, partner meetings, round-tables, CIO events, incentives.
  • Coordinate the creation of excellent sales and pre-sales content. Making it available across platforms, manage the process from sales and technical origin to PDF, print and online. For instance datasheets, white papers, customer testimonials, instruction video’s.
  • B2B Email Marketing, from invitations to newsletters, focus on deliverability, follow-up on opens, clicks-throughs and of course measure  and report the results.