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Lead Qualification & Conversion

For many B2B enterprises, Lead Generation and Pipeline Management are key activities for Marketing and Sales teams. It has the focus of the company management, and with good reason. Lead generation gives you new contacts and prospects and Pipeline Management helps you move along the identified opportunities to a close, and is the basis for accurate forecasting.

However there is an important step linking both activities:

⇒  Lead Qualification: converting a Lead into a Qualified Opportunity

Lead Qualification,  creating Marketing Qualified Leads, helps the sales force to only chase the most valuable opportunities and zoom-in faster on the real influencers and decision makers. This process turns and MQL into an SQL, on for the sales has identified as a valuable lead.

Responsibility-wise, Lead Qualification often falls between sales and marketing teams where in the end none of teams take real ownership. As a consequence there is a low conversion rate from unqualified leads into opportunities and pipeline, the Qualification Gap.

⇒  Closing the Qualification Gap: Outsourced Lead Qualification & Conversion

To avoid loss of business, due to being victim to the qualification gap, you can outsource this process to experienced sales experts, who have sufficient product-, market- and industry knowledge as well as extensive sales experience.

So before involving your own sales force, you want to first find those customers that have real needs and identify the best contacts. You also need to know if your solution fit their needs, is there a business case and ROI, is there budget, what is their time schedule and so on.

BizzComm provides qualification expertise and experience in bringing a contact from lead to qualified opportunity and identification of those leads that need nurturing for future contact or may not need the solution at all.

⇒   Key is to save the sales force precious time by doing the ground qualification work for them

Understanding the Sales Funnel: Pipeline Management, Deal Coaching & Closing

Managing the Sales department, focusing on closing deals and the daily issues, doesn’t always leave time to re-assess the opportunity pipeline on regular basis and look with an open mind at your business.

In order to spend the time of your sales team effectively, you need to constantly ask how opportunities can be moved to the next level, who are the right people you need to talk to at this stage of the deal. Can a clear business case with value and ROI be presented, what is the customers planning, where can we speed-up, what are the competitors actions, and so on.

⇒   “Over 70% of the sales team need coaching”

BizzComm provides Coaching Service and Pipeline Management. The course of action is to sit with the individual  members of the sales team, discuss the important deals and build a strategy and action plan per account on how to move the deal forward to closing stage.

The actual execution will vary based on your requirements, think of:

  • On-site one-on-one sessions with Sales- or Account Managers, personalised coaching to improve sales habits.
  • Joint sessions to work on market-, customer- or deal strategy, and guidance throughout the process.
  • Create focus through a uniform process for account managers to manage their SalesForce pipeline, forececast and next steps, to get an improved and more accurate pipeline, better forecasting, higher conversion rate and shorter sales cycle.
  • Detailed Opportunity Reporting to Sales Management and Account Manager.
  • A custom build sales process template.